SmallBiz Young Hero Awards

SmallBiz Young Hero Awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of young business leaders and entrepreneurs 35-year-olds and under. The next generation of business heroes will be in the spotlight when the awards are presented during a gala dinner hosted at the Medallion Club. 

The Young Hero Awards gala dinner features:

  • VIP guests and a high-profile judging panel from major Australian companies and startups.
  • Forbes 30 under 30, Harry Sanders, founder and CEO of StudioHawk – and 2019 award recipient of the Young Heroes Rising Star Award – will present the opening keynote.
  • Award categories recognise both individuals and enterprises, including Startup of the Year, Explosive Growth Award, Fintech of the Year and Business Innovator of the Year.


Finalists will be invited to the gala dinner and award recipients will receive high-value grand prizes from corporate sponsors and interviews with SBC TV and magazine.


Australia’s largest small business expo; Small Business Expo is a one-stop-shop B2B marketplace for growing your small-to-medium business.

The Expo’s nine hubs highlight key industries at the forefront of every small business strategy for 2021, such as

  • Cybersecurity Solutions Hub, Govt. Pavilion, E-Commerce Hub, Australia Made Pavilion, Business Innovation Hub, the Technology Precinct and more.


All exhibitors showcase game-changing products, services, technology and tools that will empower and elevate small businesses. Visitors are encouraged to meet directly with key government agencies and leading companies and attend free Business Essentials Seminars. The seminars are led by founders and business leaders aimed at educating and empowering small businesses on a range of critical topics.  


Business Essentials Seminar Series is adjacent to the Small Business Expo and features free to attend, daily informative seminars addressing critical small business topics. The keynote seminars are led by industry experts, founders and business leaders aimed at educating and empowering small businesses on a range of topics, including small business revenue marketing, accessing government grants, funding solutions for short and long-term and e-commerce marketing strategies. The seminars are aimed at:

  • Scaling small businesses
  • Fostering sustainable growth strategies
  • Building resilience 

SmallBiz Forum

SmallBiz-Week’s most high-profile speaking engagement features keynote presentations and panel discussions delivered by:

  • CEOs, high-ranking government officials, business leaders and decision-makers from Australia’s most influential companies and government organisations, including COSBOA, ACCC, Deloitte, the ATO, ASCS, Afterpay and ASBFEO.


Each keynote and panel discussion will address a major critical topic affecting the small business sector in 2022, such as SME Cybercrime & Prevention, Automated Financial Services, Small Business Digital Marketing Strategies, The Future of Small Business Technology and Australia SME Economic Outlook. 

SmallBiz Business Leaders Luncheon

Join Australia’s business leaders for a once in a year corporate function. SmallBiz-Week’s premier event showcases a unique opportunity to network with prominent business leaders from Australia’s most influential companies and develop your business strategy. Receive invaluable guidance from CEOs, Founders, Directors and government representatives on how to position your business in 2022.

  • Opening keynote presented by Mr Bruce Billson, CEO of ASBFEO
  • Keynote address by senior federal official
  • Engaging panel discussion with business leaders from top 50 Australian companies
  • Media table with journalists from Australia’s top news agencies
  • Invites sent to PM Scott Morrison & Premier Daniel Andrews
  • Corporate tables available

SmallBiz Mix-At-Six Networking Function

SmallBiz-Week’s major networking function for building B2B relationships across all industries. A small business networking function designed to foster new business relationships by engaging with potential business opportunities and suppliers. Mix-At-Six is sponsored by Pappyon Pty Ltd and includes the networking function’s feature event:

  • Exhibitors Awards 2022; Exhibitors across SmallBiz-Weeks two expos, Small Business Expo and FINTECH21 Showcase will be recognized for their business innovations, marketing achievements, technological advancements and much more. 


A boutique showcase of forty hand-picked leading fintech and blockchain companies and startups highlighting the latest products, services, innovations, technology, software and trends in this booming Australian industry. FINTECH21 is a feature event of SmallBiz-Week. Visitors can register to attend the FINTECH21 exhibitor showcase for free over two days and meet face-to-face with fintech industry leaders and watch demonstrations of cutting-edge business innovations and technology.

Exhibitors represent major industries including finance, blockchain, crypto, technology, software and IT and well as products that benefit businesses working across diverse industries such as real estate, hospitality, import & export, data protection, legal services and retail. 

Current FINTECH21 Partner Associations include Fintech Australia, YBF Ventures, Women in Emerging Tech.


Hear from fintech and blockchain founders, CEOs, directors and market leaders during in-depth keynote addresses and invaluable expert panel discussions. Discover the latest fintech and blockchain solutions, technology and trends. FINTECH21 Sessions is broken into two streams:

  • DAY ONE (23 March, 2022) Blockchain & Emerging Tech

  • DAY TWO (24 March, 2022) Fintech Evolution, Solutions and Trends

FINTECH21 Sessions are in-depth expert industry panel discussions and keynotes delivered by industry experts and addressing critical topics impacting investing, business innovation and financial services. Propel your business with Australia’s fastest growing sector. 

FINTECH21 workshops

One-on-one targeted workshops to educate and empower businesses with cutting-edge fintech and blockchain technology.

Hands-on training with innovative fintech and blockchain solutions led by innovators and industry experts. Learn how to use emerging financial and blockchain technology to elevate your business. Workshops led by influential Australian companies and startups, such as Afterpay, Paytron and NIUM. 

B2B Enterprise Week 2022 is Australia’s major small business business-to-business events.
Now in the 8th year, and host to thousands of visitors, speakers and exhibitors, B2B Expo 2022 will be presented on the 27-28th July 2022, Marvel Stadium Docklands Melbourne.

B2B Expo 22 includes a high-profile showcase of Business Services, Business Innovation, Technology, Government and Financial Services, Fintech’s, Business Opportunities, E-commerce, Marketing and Professional Services as well as B2B Business Essentials Seminar Series, Workshops, and Networking Functions.

Over 80 Speakers will present Australia-Asia Forum in 2022. The Australia Asia Forum is a three-day business and trade conference featuring high-profile networking functions, informative seminars and panel discussions presented by Asia-Pacific experts, high-ranking government officials and seasoned, regional businessmen and businesswomen.

Engaging panel discussions and informative keynotes will include a diverse range of topics, including Agribusiness, Tourism, Financial Services, Professional Services & many other informative and critical topics to assist delegates further develop Asia strategy. Australia-Asia Forum also provides excellent networking opportunities.

B2B EXPO 2021 is Australia’s major small business business-to-business expo. Now in the seventh year, and host to thousands of visitors, speakers and exhibitors, B2B Expo 2021 will be presented as both a live but also a virtual event, on the 22-23 April 2020, Marvel Stadium Docklands Melbourne.

B2B Essentials Seminar is presented by News Xtend and includes over eighty speakers with keynote speakers, including the Assistant Commissioner of the ATO, Director of Australian Cyber Security Centre, Chief Economist Bendigo Bank together with industry experts and renown entrepreneurs.

SBC Virtual Summit provides a unique opportunity for the small business sector to connect with Government, Industry and Commerce, with over one hundred speakers and exhibitors.

  • SBC Summit Sessions
  • SBC Business Leaders Luncheon
  • SBC Networking Breakfast
  • SBC Mix at Six Networking Function
  • SBC Showcase Display

Fintech21 provides a platform to educate, interact and engage with all areas of the crypto currency and blockchain technology sectors FinTech, Investment, Superannuation, Education, Venture Capital, Regulations, Best Practice, ICO’s, Platform Services, Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges, Digital Wallets, Crypto currencies, Utility Tokens, Smart Contracts, the current opportunities and what the future holds.

  • Exhibitor Displays
  • Networking Function
  • Seminar Sessions


SBC Virtual Summit & Small Business Expo provides a unique opportunity for the small business sector to connect with Government, Industry and Commerce, with over one hundred speakers and exhibitors.

Small Business Expo provides a virtual opportunity for the small business sector to connect with over seventy exhibitors from Government Agencies, Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, brand partners and exhibitors from all industry sectors.

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