ABF Media Kit

ABF’s mission is to provide a constructive framework for companies to grow their business in Australia, China & Asia.

Australian Business Forum (ABF) is a wholly independent non-political organisation that supports Australian businesses wanting to do business in China and elsewhere in Asia.

We do this by identifying and understanding knowledge gaps, establishing relevant relationships and partnerships, and developing events and media platforms that encourage dialogue and rewarding connections.

Our initiatives focus on the SME corporate sector, its issues and connection with the wider global community. With the support and input of participants and partners from local and international business, academia, government and the public sector, we develop SME-focused events and media products.

Our goal is to bring together the best and brightest minds to provide input and advice. These include Australian as well as international leaders, dynamic C-level executives from a range of the Top 1,000 companies, state & federal ministers, leading international academics, senior government officials, economists and other community leaders.

Our annual program of events includes the Australia-China Business Week (ACBW), Asia Pacific Business Outlook (APBO), the China Lunch Club and Lunar New Year functions both in Australia and China. Event forums engage attendees with discussion topics of importance, including: innovation and entrepreneurship, private equity, venture capital, leadership, corporate responsibility, technology, economic trends, international trade, climate change and performance cultures.

Our event and media products are highly regarded for their relevance, timeliness and quality. Our mission: to provide transformational opportunities for interaction for those who are creating, leading, supporting and transforming business.

Australian Business Forum (ABF) connects business leaders to valuable sources of information, insight and opinion, through five key products:
  • Quarterly English & Chinese Print Magazine
  • Bi-monthly English & Chinese e-Magazine
  • Vibrant English & Chinese Bilingual websites
  • Weekly E-Newsletter and Monthly EDM
  • High profile business events and functions

Advertising with ABF Media is a cost effective way to gain access to a hard to reach niche audience of business and industry leaders seeking to grow their business in Australia, China & Asia. Through ABF’s Media products, advertisers can get in front of business and industry leaders who are looking for partners to help them succeed in Australia and Asia.

ABF Magazine

ABF Magazine plays a vital role in the Australian and Chinese business community. ABF Magazine has fast become a first point of reference for the wider business community as well as for larger enterprises wishing to further their knowledge of business on a national and international scale. Since its launch, ABF Magazine has earned a reputation for profiling the very latest in global business news, achieved through a focus on sourcing timely information from high profile industry figureheads, government delegates and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Each issue of ABF Magazine features a combination of insightful commentary, a unique and lively mix of news and analysis, company case studies, contributions from top officials and academics, as well as the latest statistics and data relevant to Asian markets and business.

ABF Magazine also includes a tailored section for our Chinese readers in China and Australia. With a focus on exploring the many issues of relevance to Australian and Chinese businesses with bilateral interests, ABF Magazine keeps readers fully up to date on the issues and events that matter to their business.


ABF Magazine provides up-to-date information and commentary on the economy, business, investment strategies and trade opportunities within Australia and internationally. In addition, the magazine features regular case studies and entrepreneurial stories that provide real “how-to” information for business readers. The magazine dedicates quarterly coverage to Finance, Investment, and Technology – as these topics are essential to any business – whilst also featuring special coverage on issues that have an impact on business.

Topics include
  • International Trade
  • Government Policy
  • Franchising
  • Education
  • Property
  • Immigrant
  • Financial Services & Business Services
  • Business Technology
  • Business Travel
  • Human Resources
  • Management

Our Digital Networking

ABF is committed to maintaining a dynamic network of highly informative websites that deliver real value to both our audiences and our advertisers, sponsors and partners. Our English and Chinese websites are designed to provide entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses with the latest information, how-to guides, blogs, news and advice on how to start, manage and grow a business as well as connect with the Australian and Chinese business community.

ABF Online helps business owners stay ahead of the competition, keep abreast of the latest trends as well as connect with a highly engaged niche audience.

Advertising Rate – Run of Network

Minimum term: 3 months


Website Advertising Specifications
  • File size must not exceed 40 KB
  • Image files must be in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF or Animated GIF
  • Flash files – If a link is to be used in the flash file, the link must be specified and embedded in the final SWF file. This is to ensure that traffic from the site can be monitored.

Connect with ABF Events

ABF’s mission is to provide a constructive framework for companies to grow their business in Australia, China & Asia. ABF Events enable advertisers and brands to access a hard to reach audience of business leaders.

ABF events and functions are geared towards providing extensive, timely and valuable information to Australian companies and individuals who want to do business with China & Asia, as well as delivering the same information to Chinese delegates wanting to do business in Australia. With expert speakers presenting information across a wide range of topics via forums and panel discussions, our delegates gain valuable insight into a range of topics spanning entrepreneurship, private equity, venture capital, leadership, investment, corporate responsibility, economic trends, international trade, cultural requirements and more.

Events staged in Melbourne, Sydney and Shanghai, aim to provide an opportunity for Chinese and Australia entrepreneurs and business executives to meet and discuss potential collaboration between both countries.

Marketing Opportunities

ABF Event attendees leave our events better informed on how to enter foreign markets, but more importantly, they leave with a wide range of contacts from service providers, potential partners and investors from Australia and China.

For ABF Event sponsors and partners, our events provide a variety of opportunities to connect with potential customers and clients as well grow brand awareness by showcasing your businesses products & services.

We offer a range of marketing and sponsorship opportunities through our calendar of annual events, designed to suit budgets of all sizes as well as maximise your investment.